Drive Longer With Isometric Training!
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    Cover Page
    Full Color Cover Page
    Table of Contents
    Title Page, Table of Contents and Welcome Message
    Section 1 – Introduction
    Introduction to Isometrics, Resistance Band and the Golf Swing.
    Section 2 – Training Instructions
    General instructions on how to do the exercises.
    Section 3 – Workout Summary For All Of The Exercises
    Text file that shows the workout summary listed beneath each video.                      (May take a couple of minutes to download)
    Section 3 (Cont’d) – The Exercise Videos
    MP4 files of all the exercise videos to download to your computer.
    Section 4 – Muscle Charts
    Illustrations of all of the muscles involved in the golf swing
    Section 5 – Progress Chart and Weekly Training Schedule
    The Progress Chart keeps track of your driving distance and clubhead speed gains. The Weekly Training Schedule shows you which exercises to do each day.