Section 3 – Exercise Videos
Exercise #5 ~ Upper Body
Exercise #5 – Workout Summary
Muscles Used: SC Joint Movers, Shoulder Joint Movers, Wrist Flexors, Hand Grip Muscles

The video above demonstrates how to perform this exercise one time with each arm. The final holding position for each arm is shown in Figures 1a and 1b below:

Exercise #5

Repeat this process one more time giving you a total of two ‘reps’ for this exercise as shown in the table below:x5

Training Schedule: The Progress Chart and Weekly Training Schedule located in Section 5 will guide you through all of the exercises and allow you to chart your progress along the way.

Training Tips:

1) All of the exercises in this program recommend using between 70-80% of your maximum strength over a 10-15 second period of time.  This is a significant amount of effort and the best way to gauge this is you should feel like you need to give your muscles a rest from the exercise around the 10 second mark.  So when it’s your turn to do the exercises, if you can easily hold the final position for a lot longer than the recommended 10-15 seconds, such as 20 seconds or more, then you do not have enough resistance and will need to increase it.

2) Periodically check your resistance bands for any wear and tear.  Replace them when necessary to prevent them from breaking during an exercise.

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