Section 3 – Exercise Videos
Exercise #13 ~ Lower Body
Exercise #13 – Workout Summary
Muscles Used: Hip Abductors

The video above demonstrates how to perform this exercise one time with each leg. The final holding position for each leg is shown in Figures 1a and 1b below:

Exercise #13

Repeat this process one more time giving you a total of two ‘reps’ for this exercise as shown in the table below:x13

Training Schedule: The Progress Chart and Weekly Training Schedule located in Section 5 will guide you through all of the exercises and allow you to chart your progress along the way.

Training Tips:

1) To reduce the resistance for a given exercise, create a longer loop with your band, use bands with less resistance and/or position yourself closer to where the band is attached.  Positioning yourself closer means the band will not be stretched as much thereby reducing the resistance.

2) The final position for each exercise should be held for 10-15 seconds.  The amount of effort you should be exerting during this time should be between 70-80% of your maximum strength.

3) Perform approximately five minutes of light stretching before starting these exercises.

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