Section 3 – Exercise Videos
Exercise #8 ~ Upper Body
Exercise #8 – Workout Summary
Muscles Used: Shoulder Abductors (Supraspinatus, Middle Deltoid)

The video above demonstrates how to perform this exercise one time with each arm. The final holding position for each arm is shown in Figures 1a and 1b below:

Exercise #8

Repeat this process one more time giving you a total of two ‘reps’ for this exercise as shown in the table below:x8

Training Schedule: The Progress Chart and Weekly Training Schedule located in Section 5 will guide you through all of the exercises and allow you to chart your progress along the way.

Training Tips:

1) Remember to always train within the physical limits of the band.  What this means is no matter how much effort you are exerting for a given exercise, the resistance band should still be capable of stretching a little further.   If the band is stretched to its maximum where there is no more stretch left in it you will essentially turn the resistance band into a static rope, or cable, incapable of returning any elastic force back.  This greatly reduces its effectiveness.  If this should happen to you, then watch the video on How to Increase Resistance and use one of the methods presented there.

2) Pay close attention to the way your body position is shown for each exercise, because correct positioning is needed to isolate specific muscle groups.

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